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Don & Anne Kienlen

One of our Fieros is a 1984 Base Coupe with a 1986 Iron Duke and the Muncie 4 Speed Y8 Econo transmission that had about 40 k miles on a rebuilt engine, which my wife Anne has lovingly christened “Lil’ 84 Dukie”.

We bought it in January 2011 when it had 4 different colors. Now it is Black

Although still a “Work-In-Progress”, it is my wife’s daily driver, with a completely restored interior and a great exterior with only a few blemishes.

It is comprised of parts from every Fiero model year: 1984 chassis, 1985 GT rear bumper cover, 1986 doors, panels and Iron Duke engine, 1987 dark grey interior panels and dash-board and a front fascia from a 1988 Formula.

The interior has been changed from the 84/85 light gray to the later model dark gray and it has pristine “Speaker-Seats”.

The other Fiero we bought in April 2011 was Charlie Sewell’s (FieroFool) red 1985 GT, which has been named “85 JeeTee” and is currently undergoing minor improvements but I plan on keeping it completely stock (I promised Charlie I would).

You can see our progress here:

2011 is our first year as members of the Georgia Fiero Club, and we are enjoying it tremendously, from the assistance and tips -  to the events and gatherings -  to meeting all the various Fiero Enthusiasts – to just enjoying a classic American car - it is a great club!

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